This year CC Strikers are again running our highly successful Added Time Football Training Academy.

Added Time Coaching for Girls W/7 to W/14
aim of this programme is to give the younger girls additional ball skills and more confidence, and start them on a positive pathway in Football.
The programme will be run by head coach Sharna Barras who holds both the "Skills Acquisition Coaching Certificate" and the "Game Training Cetificate"
Sharna is currently part of the CC Strikers Community Coaching team and a former Manly United player. She currently plays Premier League in the MWFA.
Assisting Sharna will be experienced and qualified coaches from CC Strikers who are currently playing (or have played) at Manly United and Women's Premier League level.

The programme is open to all W/7 to W/14 girls registered with Strikers

STARTS:     Monday 6th May and runs for 6 weeks
ENDS:        Monday 10th June
LOCATION: St Matthews Farm

W/7 - W/8      4:30 - 5:30 pm
W/9 - W/10    5:30 - 6:30 pm
W/11 - W/14  6:30 - 7:30 pm  

COST:  $60 for the 6 week programme

CLICK HERE to go to the CC Strikers portal in PlayFootball
Click on "Start My Registration"
After reaching the Strikers Welcome page click on "Get Started"
Sign into your current PlayFootball Account. (The same one you used to register with Strikers.)
Click on the apropriate "CC Strikers Football Academy" age group. (First items 01-03 in the list)

Truman Reserve Cromer

St Matthews Farm

Collaroy Plateau Park