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Update 9/3/20
To contact the appropriate Age Co-Ordinator CLICK HERE

Mixed U/6
  are full but we still have some spots available in U/7's.  Enquires to Age Co-Ordinator Lisa Hottes.    
Mixed U/7
  Still open, but only a few spots left.
Boys U/8  FULL.   Enquires to Age Co-Ordinator Paul Hardy
Boys U/9  are full but we still have some spots in the U/10's. Enquires to Age Co-Ordinator Phil Halverson.
Boys U/10  Still open but only a few spots left.
Boys U/11  FULL.  
Enquires to Age Co-ordinator Darren McDermott
Boys U/12
  full but a few spots still exist in a lower division U/13 team.  Enquires to U/13 Co-Ordinator Lee Whitaker
Boys U/13  have a few spots left in a lower division team. Ideal for a couple of friends who want to play together.
Boys U/14  FULL.
 Enquires to Age Co-Ordinator Fiona Pollard
Boys U/15  FULL
Boys U/16  FULL
Boys U/18
  Only 1 spot left. Contact Age Co-Ordinator Gavin Chappell 0448-440921 before registering.

Girls W/8 - W/9 - W/10 - W/11    FULL   Enquires to Age-Co-ordinator Darren McDermott.
Girls W/12 - W/13 - W/14 - W/15 - W/16:   FULL. Enquires to  Age Co-Ordinator Sarah Dewar.
Girls W/18  FULL  Enquires to Age Co-Ordinator Nicole Williams.

Men's Premier League.  All enquires to head coach Ryan Butcher 0421-572060
Men's A/L still have a few vacant spots.  Contact Age Co-Ordinator
Men's O/35 have a few spots left in the O35/2 team.  All other O/35 teams full.
Men's O/45 have a few spots left in the O45/1 team.  All other O/45 teams full.  
Ladies W/AL
still Open
Ladies O/30, O/40 FULL. Enquires to Ladies Co-Ordinator Nicole Williams

To contact any of our Age Co-Ordinators CLICK HERE