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·         Team entries are NOW OPEN for our 2016 Summer Football Tournament.

·         Commences 13th September, runs for 11 weeks,  with games on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.

·         First game starts at 4:20pm with the younger age-groups.  Last senior game at 9:00pm

·         U/6  to  O/35 grades,  plus a Mixed Open Age competition.

·         There is a high demand for places (250+ teams last year) so don’t leave your team entry to the last minute.

·         Go to  http://wwww.summer6aside.com.au/  for all the details and to see which day your age-group is playing.
Congratulations to the SEVEN teams who are playing in their Grand Finals this weekend!

Come and support these teams as they fight to win their Grand Finals!

Saturday, 27 August:

AL1 Reserves – 10am on Cromer 1

O35/4 – 10am on Cromer 4

O35/8 – 12pm on Cromer 5

AL3 Reserves – 2pm on Cromer 3

Sunday, 28 August:

W16/1 – 10am on Cromer 1

WAL3 Teams B and C – 2:30pm on Cromer 4

Congratulations to the SIX Junior CC Strikers teams who have made it to their Grand Finals!

Come and support our teams this Sunday as they fight to win their Grand Finals!

W12 div 1 – 8:15am at Cromer 1

U12 div 1 – 9:30am at Cromer 1

U12 div 3 – 9:30am at Cromer 3

U14 div 1 – 12:15pm at Cromer 1

U15 div 3 – 13:45pm at Cromer 3

U15 div 4 – 13:45pm at Cromer 4

Congratulations to the CC Strikers teams who have made it to the Grand Finals!

Congratulations to the TEN CC Strikers teams playing their Semi-Finals this Saturday and Sunday, 20th - 21st August. 

Come out and support these teams as they fight for their place in their Grand Finals!

Semi-Finals on Saturday:
AL1 First Grade – 2:30pm at Cromer Park 2
AL1 Reserves – 12:15pm at Cromer Park 2
AL3 Reserves – 12:15pm at Careel Bay 1
O35/1 – 2:30pm at Lionel Watts 3
O35/4 – 12:15pm at Millers 2
O35/8 Team A – 2:30pm at Grahams Oval 1

Semi-Finals on Sunday:
W16/1's – 10:30am at Millers 1
WAL1 Team B – 12:30pm at Narrabeen High School
WAL3 Team C – 12:30pm at Seaforth 2
WAL3 Team B – 2:30pm at Seaforth 2

Good luck to all the teams in their Semi-Finals this weekend!

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